Robert Glen "Bob" McDonald, Sr

Robert (Bob) Glen McDonald Sr. died at 75 years old, on January 4th, 2022 in his home in LaBelle, Florida after a 5 year battle with cancer.  Bob was born July 22nd, 1946 in Farmington, Michigan to Lila (Groat) and George McDonald, he was one of 12 children.  Bob’s siblings are Barb and Peter Vollrath, Ross (deceased) and Karol McDonald, Fred (deceased) and Linda (deceased) McDonald, Babe (deceased) and Paula McDonald, Carl (deceased) and Linnie McDonald, Bill (deceased) McDonald, Dorothy (deceased) McDonald, Marie Kohl and Glenn, Edie and Tom Husted, Jack (deceased) and Mari McDonald, Katie and Tom Winkler. Bob is survived by his soul mate and ‘the pants wearing woman in charge’ Paula DeMott, his son Robert Jr and wife Rebecca, granddaughter Kathleen and grandson Sean, his special grandchildren Randy DeMott, Daniel Rennie, Brandon Rennie, Courtney Levanduski, Matthew Zenner, and Madison Zenner, his former wife Brenda and Bill Shevchik. And his ‘goof’ Stella.


What about Bob, where does one begin.  He was larger than life.  The greatest salesperson, an entrepreneur, lover of the outdoors, dancing, singing and overall general merriment.  He was in the relentless pursuit of a great time.  Bob lived to feel the sunshine on his skin, be the first person in the pool, with a cold beer and music jamming.   He loved riding his motorcycle, driving fast cars and hitting the trails with his lady and dog on the golfcart. 


Bob loved to cook for family and friends.  He could be found smoking and cooking meats and birds of all kinds for everyone to enjoy.  Bob loved his garden of delicious tomatoes and fruit trees.

Bob was a master plasterer for over 50 years owning McDonald & Sons Plastering, which he eventual solid to his son Robert.  Bob also had many other gigs along the way, including owning a vacuum sales and repair shop, and a barber shop.  He worked on the line construction, owned rental properties, and was an electrical groundman.  Bob was one tough guy that never shied away from hard work.


As a devoted Michigan sports team fan, Bob religiously watched his Lions, Tigers, Redwings, and Wolverines. He loved to golf, hunt, swim and soak up the sun.


Happy Pappy, you will be sorely missed, you left your mark on everyone who had the pleasure to spend time with you, whether it was your silly jokes, the changing the words to all our classic songs, your love of play, the constant life advice, your beautiful voice, or simply your love! 


We know your Irish eyes are smiling down on us now and you are having a good time!