Death Certificates

A Certified Death Certificate is necessary handle most business affairs.  The funeral director assists the family in obtaining death certificates. 

The Funeral Director assists in registering the decedent with the State of Florida, Bureau of Vital Statistics, EDRS (Electronic Death Registration System).  During the arrangement process, the Funeral Director obtains the necessary biographical information about the decedent.  That information is entered into the EDRS by the funeral director and a request is made to the attending or certifying physician to complete the cause of death.  Once the cause of death is completed, the death certificate is reviewed by the medical examiner when necessary.  The Bureau of Vital Statistics reviews and then registers the death.  After the death is registered with the State, certified death certificates are obtained from the local Health Department

It is a good idea to obtain multiple copies of a death certificate as most agencies require a certified certificate and not a photocopy.