Preneed Information

PRE-PLANNING your funeral can and does make sense.

Pre-planning your funeral gives the individual or other family members an opportunity to discuss, select and if they wish to purchase a funeral service for themselves or a loved one. As in every aspect of our lives, we try and anticipate all possibilities. We pre-plan for our weddings, for the birth of our children and yes, we should pre-plan for our deaths. Discussing our options about or demise does not have to be depressing or intimidating. It can and should be a conscious well thought out plan. Families have pre-planned their funeral wishes for years. This process can be as brief or as thorough as wish. The Akin's have been helping families pre-plan funerals, cremations or burials for generations.

WHY should I pre-plan?

Families today live in different parts of the country. Inflation is felt by every household and planning ahead prevents emotional overspending and protects your family’s financial interests. Here are four reasons to plan ahead.

1. YOUR FAMILY – Making decisions today with the help of those closest to you, enables you to make well thought out choices.

2. FREEZE PRICES – There is no charge for a pre arrange consultation. After pre planning, services can be prepaid into a trust account. By prepaying, most charges will not increase in the future.

3. PEACE OF MIND – Arranging today for services prior to death is handling a family matter. Arranging for services at the time a death occurs can be a family crisis. By preplanning, you can have true peace of mind knowing that the decisions you have made will be taken care as you wish with the minimum amount of stress for your family.

How can I pre-plan with Akin-Davis?
All of the services, burial or cremation arrangements, we provide can be made at your convenience. If you are unable to visit us at the funeral home, we can visit you in the comfort of your own home. You can even begin the process on-line, if you would like to set up an appointment with us, Please fill out our Online Prearrangement Form