Akin-Davis Funeral Home offers a wide variety of services to the families it serves. The following is a list of the services offered and a description of what is involved.

Traditional Funeral Service (for both burial and cremation)
A Formal Funeral Service at a church, another gathering place, or one of our Chapels. This is usually preceded by a viewing service and followed by a Graveside Service at the Burial Site. Many familes have a formal viewing and funeral service for their loved one and choose cremation as the final disposition.  Though the above describes the typical it can be modified to accommodate family wishes as needed.

Memorial Service
A Formal Service to honor the memory of the deceased without the decedent's body present.  Cremated remains may or may not be present for this type of service.  Burial also may be the preferred disposition of the body, but the remains would not be present for the memorial service.

Gathering of Family and Friends/Celebration of Life                                                                                                                                                      Informal Service to celebrate the life of the deceased.  The body or cremated remains may or may not be present for the service.

Graveside Service
Service to honor the deceased performed at the burial site.

Direct Burial/Direct Cremation/Direct Shipout
The Funeral Home provides this preferred method of disposition without a formal ceremony.

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